Prayer Ministry

Prayer ministry leads believers in Christ to the root cause of the emotions, addictions, or patterns of behaviors that have wounded them and others so that they can find hope and healing and experience life transformation.

What is the process to make a prayer ministry appointment?

  1. Schedule and complete a 30 min phone interview
  2. Fill out and send prayer ministry forms
  3. Schedule appointment for 90-120 min session

How is prayer ministry different than counseling, psychology, or praying on my own?

Prayer ministry, also called inner healing, prayerfully walks with each person through the emotions, addictions or patterns of behavior that are currently affecting them and their relationships to find the inner cause, or root. Because we are wounded through relationships, often at an early age, these wounds settle into our hearts and become part of who we are- affecting our thoughts, behaviors and relationships. The prayer minister, guided by the Holy Spirit, helps the person to recognize the roots so they can be released at the cross. This is where healing happens.

Who can benefit from prayer ministry?

  • Men, women, teens and children 10 and older.
  • Parents, families, marriages, ministries and businesses.
  • Individuals struggling with addictions, anger, anxiety, stress, burnout, unwanted patterns of behavior.
  • Those who have experienced trauma, abuse, depression, sexual addictions.
  • Individuals experiencing spiritual attack, nightmares or other unwanted spiritualinfluence.